Leadership Development
We recognise that excellent leadership capability is a key enabler to an organisation’s performance. Leadership behaviour sets the tone and norms for the organisation and in a way that can be disproportionate from the original intention. Small actions can lead to big consequences. Our leadership work has these tenets at the core of it:
  • Business/work centred – Our focus is on developing people in the context of the organisation’s strategy and change agenda. We do this whist addressing the real and current business issues while understanding and working with the less obvious, patterns of human behaviour at play beneath the surface. Your real work and challenges will always be at the centre of our work with you.

  • Experience driven – Our leadership consultants all have a rich understanding of business and strategy in addition to their expertise in understanding individual and team dynamics which allows us to play powerfully at this intersection of business and people issues to drive performance

  • Evidence and data based behaviour change – We underpin our leadership work with robust analytics focused on individual and team behaviours. The data generated, along with existing data and 360-degree feedback, gives us a unique lens to understand behavioural patterns and see how they relate to the chosen values of the organisation and the business strategy. This way we help organisations to powerfully align values, strategy and leadership behaviour which we believe is the secret to driving great performance.

  • Flexible – Although our experience has lead us to work with many tools, we believe there are a few keys tools that work well. However we are tool and product agnostic. We will tailor our work with you to deliver the business outcomes, regardless of approach.

  • Sustainable – We are focused on delivering sustainable change through ensuring leaders deeply understand and experience the impact of their behaviours – relating this change both to specific business results and their own success within the organisation. This means helping leaders within the business develop even more healthy habits, habits that stick.