Strategy Development

One of the most pivotal things that leadership can do is help the organisation be clear about it’s strategy. This means understanding the economic context and market, being clear about where you are trying to get to and having practical options as to how you will get there. It also means being agile.
We will help you with a range of tools to collect data to scan the horizon and help you understand the economics and market.
We will collaborate with you to help you become aligned around the key drivers and core competencies of your business. While we do this, we will focus on helping you build internal capability.
One of the biggest challenges leadership can face is how to engage the people in the strategy and how to make it happen with energy and passion. Getting this right is critical to developing a high performance culture.

What Strategic Alignment Skills are Required?

The competencies required to ensure strategic alignment are an important inclusion into the strategy skill set that leaders in organisations need. Your leaders will need to be able to:
  • take a big picture perspective on problems, decisions, situations and events
  • identify key stakeholders within the organisation and within the marketplace or industry with whom your team needs to interact
  • ascertain political agendas and adjust your decisions and actions accordingly
  • integrate and assimilate information
  • understand the interrelationships between issues
  • recognise causal relationships
  • be aware of the multiple effects of any actions decided upon
  • view information from different perspectives and points of view, to interpret implications, and to make appropriate recommendations
  • identify common elements or trends in situations and actions
  • ensure strategic alignment between the macro-environment and the organisation
  • ensure alignment between different areas in the organisation
  • appreciate the pressures that each functional group experiences in the organisation and work to mitigate them
  • make decisions taking into account all the relevant variables
  • make decisions that are aligned to the organisation’s needs
  • breakdown strategy into a practical performance plan to achieve it

Our view is that strategy isn’t a ‘document’, but an ongoing conversation of possibilities, that can be put into action.